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Paula Butler
Paula Butler

Butler Workplace Solutions provides innovative labour and employment law solutions that are tailored to each client’s needs and challenges.

Paula Butler, Barrister & Solicitor, is a highly regarded neutral third party who can resolve disputes in a confidential manner, even in the most hostile work environments.

Ms. Butler began her work in labour and employment law in 1990 and, after time in private practice, in-house, and at the Labour Board, she focused her practice on workplace investigations and dispute resolution, becoming one of the first in British Columbia to work extensively as a neutral workplace investigator.

As her work expanded, her team expanded. Ms. Butler has surrounded herself with skilled investigators and mediators who bring a professional, practical, and objective lens to the sensitive fact-finding and conflict resolution work that they perform, always with the utmost regard for the impact on the workplace.

Ms. Butler and her Associates are well known for providing high quality support to employers and employees. Their extensive experience spans the public and private sectors in both union and non-union workplaces.

At Butler Workplace Solutions … We recognize that legitimate performance management has a place in the work environment and should not be confused with harassment. We acknowledge that some subtle behaviours can constitute harassment. We understand the need to handle sensitive matters with care, and we are experienced with trauma-informed assessments.

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