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Butler Workplace Solutions enjoys working with large and small organizations from a variety of industries, in the public and private sectors, for profit and non-profits, and in unionized and non-unionized environments. Paula Butler and her Associates have worked with over 200 employers and employees since 1990. Their list of clients includes:

“Paula is wonderful to work with … grasps issues quickly and has a great understanding of how organizations and the people in them work.” (A client’s remarks)

“Paula has clarity of language that invites participation and engagement at all levels.”
(A client’s remarks)

“Paula's rational thinking along with her keen sense of compassion and fairness make dealing with even the most difficult issues manageable.” (A client’s remarks)

“I value her legal knowledge and business pragmatism as well as her common-sense approach to issues. She is extremely affable and able to bring closure to complex labour relations issues.” (A client’s remarks)

“We would like to thank Paula and Nicole for a great job. We really appreciate the care and attention you took to engage and educate our employees. The feedback was very positive, so job well done.” (A client’s remarks)

“Paula has clarity of language that invites participation and engagement at all levels.”
(A client’s remarks)

“Very knowledgeable,” “very engaging,” “excellent,” “great examples,” “great, informative, open to questions, knowledgeable” (A client’s remarks)

“Nicole, everyone has commented about your professionalism. No surprise but nice to have validated from everyone and easier for us to implement/address your findings. Thanks for representing us and more importantly so professionally. You have added credibility to us and the process. You are truly a pro.” (A client’s remarks)

“Nicole, I just wanted to share with you that we were all impressed with your investigation and the quality of the report. It was well written, very detailed and logically presented in a manner that made it easy to read and understand quickly and clearly how and why you reached the conclusions that you did. The clarity the report has provided will serve us well as we now turn our minds to working with the team to find remedies and move on productively.” (A client’s remarks)

“Kyra has conducted many investigations for the College over the years. She is extremely professional and her reports are thorough and defensible; but what makes her our "go-to" resource for investigation, mediation, workplace assessments or conflict resolution, is her approach and ability to establish rapport, credibility and confidence with the individuals involved and College leadership. She has become a valued member of our team who not only produces the required deliverable but provides insight, recommendations and coaching that is so appreciated.” (A client’s remarks)

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